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Advanced Surface Mining
Alright! So this is a trick I was once taught on Wurm Online in the Epic channels which was used to make some pretty crazy slopes done very easily! Reduce the work of surface mining by A LOT!!!

I am going to try and go into as much detail as I can think to add because it's a little complex (But simple once you understand it) and it can be messed up pretty easily! 

So what you're doing here is forcing a Tile border to become flat by opening a mine entrance. 

So I will post a video and photo's to help explain!

So you see one slope says 41 and the other says 40. The slope which is lesser (40) will be the border that is going to become flat. The mine entrance will open facing that tile. (Wurm looks for the smaller of the 2 slopes when opening a mine on a tile like this) 

Well when you so this all the rock connecting to the tile has to be removed for the tile to become flat.. And it is! It just vanishes! (So yes you lose out on rock shards) 

Now here is a video with brief detail (Some of which I just explained) and footage of it happening. Keep an eye on the rocks connected to the lesser slope.

I have this video set as Unlisted on Youtube because it is a little bit of an exploit.. Which is why I am sharing it here because you need a link to view it. 

Hope this video helps make your future surface mining much easier!

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