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90+ Quality Treasure Map New Loot Distribution Rules
Greetings all,

Due to the fact that 90+ quality treasure maps are becoming a common drop and in order to speed up the claiming of those maps we are proposing the following change to how loot is done for them. Treasure maps of 90+ quality will remain a server event and everyone who does damage on both mobs will still get in their inventory: a blood, drake hide, affinity orb, spectral hide (if that is the second mob spawned), bounty on the first mob, and a treasure cache, we propose that the map owner receives both corpses, the butchered contents and their treasure chest content.

Almost everyone has or eventually will get a 90+ QL map, therefore "your day" will come when the treasure chest loot and the corpse loot is yours to keep.

If you need the corpses butchered by someone with higher butchering skill than you that will be provided if asked for. This change will allow treasure maps to be completed in a much faster turn around time and can be chain completed. Exciting new loot is constantly being added to the loot table and this change will facilitate it's procurement by map owners vs having their maps sitting in a magic chest.

Your friendly neighborhood GM team Cool
awesome Big Grin

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