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Unique Kill Events and Loot Distribution
Generally a recall rune shall be placed at the event tile in Foam Followers.  You may use this recall rune to recall to the event directly.

If a time has been set, do not inconvenience other players by being late.

If you bring a mount to the event (suggested), do not bring a carnivore (all wyverns except green, hell horses, chargers etc).  All mounts involved directly in the fight must be herbivores - green wyvern, normal horse etc.

Suggested - Bring a tent to the event in case you die and need to respawn at the event itself

Unique Kill - Loot Distribution Method

The server features a mod (originally written by Sindusk on Wyvern Reborn server) that randomizes the names of participants who land a hit during the course of a unique kill.  You must land at least one hit to be considered to receive loot.

This randomization replaces the "all stand on a tile and type /random" method that used to be used for randomly determining loot distribution.

In the screenshot below, there are two kills.  The original Unique (red dragon hatchling) and a subsequent kill (spectral drake).  We only use the first kill for loot distribution

Since I (Ikeprof) follow Ravenloft in the loot order, as soon as he is done receiving his loot, I will open a trade window with the main loot distributor (the person generally with the highest butchering).  In this case, it was Emass.

[Image: 39186438151_229af6c196_b.jpg]

Here I have opened a trade window and Emass has put both corpses into the trade window

[Image: 25321349728_8deb9fae27_b.jpg]

Now I expand both corpse's to see what they contain

[Image: 39186437521_a5880f69dd_h.jpg]

Finally I will drag either a single item or a stack to the bottom window and click accept.  Items that can be taken as a stack are chaos and enchanter crystals, meat or other body parts excluding bones.  Everything else should be taken as a single item

[Image: 25321349258_7e74e91061_h.jpg]Screenshot_7 by ikeprof35, on Flickr

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