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North Pole 3 Day Holiday Event
This is a 3 day weekend Holiday event. Please come out and enjoy the festivities. Main characters only please.

Friday December 15th starting at 7pm Eastern time.

Boat Race (boats provided)

Boat Race Event/Rules: Contestants will race out of the harbor and east across the deed and into the river heading out to sea. At the mouth of the river just across the wooden bridge is a small island with a marker marble brazier. Contestants will loop around the small isle and race back to the deed harbor with the first three across the rope bridge over the harbor entrance being awarded prizes.

Catapult Contest Toss your Troll for distance! (catapults and Troll ammo provided)

Catapult event/rules: Catapults and troll corpses are provided for your enjoyment to see just how far you can launch one. To the Moon and Back Alice or not?

Sat. December 16th starting at 3pm Eastern time.

Wyvern race (wyverns provided)

Wyvern Race Event/Rules: Contestants will be divided up into three heats and will race across both land and water on the provided wyvern. Contestants must make a full loop with the finish line being to get their wyvern back into the pen they started from. A random number generator will be used to determine which pen riders start/stop in. The top contestants in each heat will then race again for the final rankings again with a RNG being used to determine pen selection.

Steeple Race (cart and mounts)

Steeple Race Event/Rules: Contestants will be divided up into heats and will race around the deed on the winding track. Large carts and mounts will be provided to ensure a level race field. The top heat winners will then race one more time for the final rankings. Followers of Fo will need to lower their favor in order to not have an advantage over other players who are slowed down by thorns to be fair. The track consists of hills, turns, ramps, and yes thorns in some locations.

25 room Hedge Maze with aggro monsters so you will need your armor and melee weapons

Maze Event/Rules: Main characters only the maze is to be completed on foot. Each room is marked with a fir tree. Around the fir tree is a garden gnome with a set of keys inside. Please take only one key. The keys will be used to open the prize chests located in the main building at the docks. One prize per person (no alts). A total of 15 keys are in each gnome so everyone will get some prizes.

Sunday December 17th starting at 3pm Eastern time.

Archery Contest (bows and arrows provided. No spy glasses or using your own archery equipment/arrows)

Archery Contests/Rules: The archery contest consists of a 10 tile range for normal bows (provided) and a 20 tile range for long bows (also provided) Each contestant will get to fire five times at a target with the score recorded. The top three scorers will win prizes with the highest score getting first pick. In the event of a tie a shoot off will consist of firing a single arrow with the higher score determining award placement. Once the normal bow contest is completed we will allow everyone to participate in the long bow contest with the same procedure/rules as the normal bow contest.

Snowball fight (snowballs provided)

Snowball Fight Event/Rules: Contestants will be divided up into pairs and will stand 10 tiles apart. Using the snowballs provided contestants will be able to throw 10 snowballs at their opponent. No re-throwing of caught snowballs. Scoring is as follows. 0 points for missing your target, 1 point for hitting your target, 3 points for knocking them over, -1 point if your opponent catches one of your snowballs. The top thee scoring contestants will be the winners. In the event of a tie a sudden death round will occur following the same procedure and scoring as above.

Hide and "Gnome" seek (find these lazy little gnomes all over the deed)
Hide and Gnome Seek Event/Rules: Those lazy little Gnomes are slacking off and hiding all around the deed (not the ones inside the maze and none are out in the water). If spotted please go get his ID papers (from inside him) Only one set of papers per Gnome with the top three contestants with the most ID papers being the winners. Management thanks you for reporting these lazy few bad apples who tarnish the hard working Gnomes good Gnomish name.
Shame i was very busy.. i wish i was there!

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