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Wyvern Lake Brewery (and Farm)
Greetings folks,

I come to you all today offering my wares. What's special about produce and beverages? Well simply put if I do you your produce, then you don't have to. Space on a deed is extremely valuable, imagine if that space were suddenly freed up. Then you have room to make that addition to your home, shop, or other structure. You may even have room to do something completely new altogether.

So with that said I propose the following:


1 Small Box of produce (450 items): 3 Silver - Fully customizable box of produce to include beef. You can request up a max of 100 of a single item. 

1 Large Box of Produce (900 items): 6 Silver - Same as the above. Same 100 item limit.

Special orders for Cotton and Wemp can be discussed online.

Bulk Garlic:  3 Silver - Just for you Libila types, I hear you like to make your breath stink in addition to being super evil. Small crates only.


Stilled Beverages: 4 Silver - between 44 and 45 kg per small barrel. Come on over and taste and see if the affinity strikes your fancy.

Current stock includes:

Strawberry Gin - 1 barrel ready - Huge Club Affinity

Whisky - 2 small barrels - Axe Affinity

Vodka - 1 barrel ready, 1 awaiting the stills - Blacksmithing Affinity

Gin - 1 barrel ready, 1 awaiting the stills - Baking Affinity

Moonshine - 1 barrel in the stills - Preaching Affinity

Beer and Cider: 3 Silver - almost always 45kg per small barrel.

Nicrolis' Ginger Beer - 4 barrels ready - Longsword

Cider - 1 partial barrel due to apple shortage - Staff

I have not actually tried running a full service farm on a server but I want to give this a shot.  Hopefully some of you will be interested, not only will you get decent quality crops you will also free up space on your deeds nor will you have to devote time to tending your fields. Let's see where this will go!

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