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Recall Rune Information
The recall rune system allows a player to quickly recall to locations previously marked on individual runes.

Recall runes are crafted using a marble brick and a stone chisel.

Recall runes can only be marked once but used unlimited times.  To mark a recall rune, travel to the location that the rune will be bound to, right click the blank rune and choose "Rune-Mark" from the menu.

You can then use that rune from any location on the map to return to that spot.

You can also share marked locations by dropping your rune to the ground in front of another player and allowing them to right click and recall from that rune.  They do not need to pick the rune up.  Once they arrive at your marked location, they can mark their own rune for future travel

Each rune can be renamed to reflect the marked location.  As they weigh very little, it is recommended that the runes be stored in a satchel in the players inventory.

Recall runes will not decay, thus to destroy one, it is recommended that the user sacrifice it to their deity.

A led animal will teleport with the player to the marked location, but will "un-lead" itself when arriving.  It is better to "tokenize" the animal and carry the token in your inventory when using the recall rune system.

To tokenize your led animal, simply right click the animal and choose "Exchange animal".  This will place a token of the animal in your inventory.  When you arrive at the rune destination, right click the token and choose "Redeem animal".

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