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Halloween (belated) super maze event
1st Annual Halloween Horror Maze

*Warning* This will not be easy! Bring your healing items. I recommend playing the maze on your low graphics profile, in case the number of creatures causes you to lag.

There are 46 rooms, all of which can be found through the course.
There is a joined entrance and exit.
At the beginning of the event, each room will have 5 keys with the matching chest having 5 items.
Take only one key per room and one prize per chest. (This applies to each unique player, you may not use alts to gain extra keys)

For a quick escape, runes to teleport back to the treasure depot can be found outside each door, please use them from the ground and leave in place. There will also be a stash of them in a chest near both maze openings that you may take one with you.

The Game:
Traverse the maze, finding as many rooms as you can, taking no more than one key per room. At any time, return to the treasure depot and find which key goes to which chest. Take only one item per chest, leave the rest for the next treasure hunter.
The maze will open at 8pm EST Friday November 3rd. Located at "Its a-maze-ing" 2551/2007

Please, please, please no cheating. I'd like to continue to do events like this that are balanced to all players.

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