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Server Mods
Additional Kingdom Wagons, Tents and Flags/Banners
Announcer - announces players logging in
Ash Produce - burning containers (oven, forge, campfire) produce ash as a byproduct
Bag of Holding - magically enlarge containers
Better Dig - digging operations (dig, level) utilize cart storage or the ground for dirt storage and transfer)
Bounty Mod - get paid for killing creatures at the kings behest
Bulk Transport Mod

Bulk Sort - Groups items in BSB/FSB into tiered groups at 10QL intervals up to 90QL.  Bless a BSB to disable this functionality
Crop Mod - no more weeds if you can't tend your fields right away
Custom/improved Armor and Weapons functionality
Double Bulk Capacity
Epic Mission Hints - Earn sleep bonus doing epic missions
Fire Burn Time
Hitching Post
Hitch Limits (allows almost any creature to be hitched, stay passive while hitched and not unhitch due to age)
Improved Farming - equip (like a weapon) a rake to automatically replant what you just harvested.  
Meditate Mod
Move Altar Mod
Pick More Sprouts
Prospect Mod
Recall Rune Mod (allows for recall to marked locations from anywhere on the map)
Sacrifice Mod (rare bone chance)
Skill Mod
Spell Mod 
Stable Master
Starter Gear
Treasure Map Mod - find treasure maps while hunting, digging, mining or fishin

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