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Darksouls is looking for you! - RedrumJackle - 01-17-2018


Hey you! *says a Grumpy male looking at the reader of the ad* Yes you! Who else am I talking to? *looks around seeing no one else and quirks a brow while fixing his gaze back on you* You must be looking at our ad, I'm Redrumjackle Mayor of Darksouls I believe you have questions and what kind of expectations we might have for you. Well there is a lot of information available on request however I can most likely answer some of those questions with ease. *pulls out some papyrus paper and begins scribbling with a filed piece of charcoal much like a pencil as he scribbles away that slowly begins to take awhile before handing it over to you* Here you are, at least you might find some answers.

Darksouls is a place for adventurers and commited individuals who wish to join a growing environment thriving as a community. We are always open to visitors, with a nice area to view. We will be renovating the area giving you ample means of throwing down a shovel and stomping some dirt into a bulk bin or a crate. Yes we know its not the most enjoyable aspect, but anything helps and while helping you will gain skills that will help you in the future. Remember every action has a bonus effect as which effects the  community. Your contributions will not be forced, but there may be times we will call on your services to assist. Your not a soldier, but you are a part of the community and we would like to keep the community strong by doing things together. Here are some things you can possibly expect.

  • You will have A home all to yourself.
  • Depending on your desires, we may choose to aid as well as guide you if your willing.
  • We have an established group of individuals for ┬áLeather, Blacksmith, Carpenter, Miner, Cook, and Masonry. We welcome more, as well as other professions.
  • Hunting expeditions for treasures, mobs, loot, and even events will be plentiful as the future expands as your skills and our bonds develop.
  • There is an expectation for voice chat capabilities, and the use of Discord to be involved as a citizen in Darksouls. Even if you can only stand us for an hr Wink ┬áJokes aside we are a good batch of people who are on regularly.